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Developer Center & Kits

E Ink offers several Active Matrix and Segmented Display demonstration and prototyping kits to assist product managers, designers and engineers in the development of new products.

Active Matrix
Demo & Prototype Kits

E Ink Active Matrix kits provide all the hardware, software, and instructions you need to start working with E Ink active matrix displays. E Ink offers evaluation kits to take your idea to the next level. E Ink Hulk kit series supports our display modules utilizing an integrated IC which includes the timing controller, driver and power management. Our Silk kit series utilizes a software timing controller platform, providing more flexibility for the experienced designer.

Kits Hulk Silk
TCON type Support AIO (TCON/driver/PMIC) EPD driver Software TCON platform
EPD panel Interface SPI SPI TTL (source/gate)
Host Interface None None
Main IC TI MSP430 (MCU) STM32F401 (MCU)
Power interface Mini USB Micro USB
Update mode support Partial/fully update Partial/fully update
Application software to update image Yes No (auto run mode)
Power IC No need (AIO driver include PMIC) No need (use internal PMIC) Yes (TI65185)
Temperature sensor Yes Yes
Image color support B/W, B/W/R, 4 gray levels B/W, B/W/R, 16 gray levels