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Segmented Displays FAQ

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What is the difference between an E Ink Matrix display and an E Ink Segmented display?

The underlying ePaper technology is very similar but is tuned to the needs of the different applications of a matrix display versus a Segmented display.

Matrix displays are intended for applications requiring the display of many different forms of text and images. These displays comprise of a large array of pixels. These individual pixels are controlled by a TFT array similar to what you will have a typical computer monitor or TV screen.

Segmented displays are intended for applications where the display requirements can be met using predefined segments that can be turned on or off. This is similar to what one would see in a typical calculator with a numeric or alphanumeric display.

Basically will the display be made up of an array of pixels or by a collection of predefined shapes.

What is E Ink's minimum purchase quantity for custom Segmented displays?

E Ink has a minimum average annual quantity requirement of 100,000 units.

Does E Ink have standard Segmented displays?

E Ink has several standard parts available at

What is the pricing for E Ink Segmented displays?

E Ink develops Segmented displays for its customers based upon the minimum annual quantity commitment of 100,000 units.

Pricing is dependent upon volume, including a minimum average annual quantity commitment of 100,000 units, overall display size, and the number of segments required for the display. E Ink Segmented displays are generally more expensive than traditional TFT LCD and LED displays.

What if annual volume is less than 100,000 units per year?

In some cases, E Ink standard displays can be used for your design. They can be purchased at

Does E Ink develop prototype Segmented displays?

For those customers who are investigating an E Ink Segmented application, we provide a prototype development program. E Ink works with customers to finalize the specifications for the desired display. Based on the specifications E Ink will provide a quote for the prototype design. Upon completion of the specifications and quote acceptance, first working samples can typically be delivered in 10 weeks. At the completion of the prototype, per unit mass production pricing is finalized.

Can I use E Ink Segmented displays for academic research, educational projects, or personal use?

Yes, we recommend that you use one or more of our standard displays, which can be purchased directly at

How large/small can E Ink Segmented displays be?

The smallest Segmented display dimensions are approximately 6mm X 6mm. The largest display is 500MM x 300MM.

What voltage is required to drive and E Ink Segmented display?

Segmented displays can be driven between 5 volts and 15 volts.

How much power does an E Ink Segmented display consume?

E Ink Segmented displays are bi-stable; they do not consume power after an update. It takes of the order of microwatts to switch from one display state to another.

What is the minimum number of segments that can be created with E Ink?

E Ink Segmented displays range from 1 to 200+ segments.