Markets for E Ink Prism™


A changeable wall behind the front desk or interactive wayfinding to help guests find their room are a few ways E Ink Prism can enhance a guest experience. Customizable patterns or logos in a lobby lounge can create one of a kind differentiation.


Colorful, interactive walls in a pediatric waiting can create a soothing environment and engage the patient. Marker boards can be switched to become surgery schedules or patient boards.


Color changing libraries, auditoriums, and public lobbies generate interest and differentiation. Interactive wayfinding make it easier navigating large campuses. Marker boards with switchable templates create greater efficiency and focus.


Animated corporate logos or switching walls enhance a corporate lobby. Color changing conference room doors can indicate room availability. Dynamically changing colors in cafeterias, common areas, and collaboration spaces foster positive and creative working environments.


Airport terminals, train stations, and subway platforms all use color for both design and utility. E Ink Prism enables a level of flexibility that architects and designers have never seen before until now. Fully programmable, colors and patterns can be dynamically switched without the need for an electrical outlet.

Retail and Exhibits

What better way to capture and hold a visitor’s attention than by changing colors and patterns? E Ink Prism can be programmed to transform once static exhibits and displays into dynamically changing experiences.