Markets for E Ink Signage

Public Transportation

Electronic Paper Display (EPD) bus, railway, and transportation signs enable green mobility and smart city infrastructure thanks to their high energy efficiency. EPD signs can run independently from the electric grid. The paper-like, high-contrast display offers excellent readability and provides real-time arrival information, service alerts, and route display, all updatable from a central location. Thanks to ease of installation and reduced need to update signs manually, operation and maintenance costs are kept low.

Key Points

  • Green Mobility
  • Smart Cities
  • Sustainability
  • Low Power
  • Ease of installation

Public Information Display

Electronic Paper Display (EPD) signs are the ideal solution for sustainable urban development. EPD signs can be remotely updated with new information, whether it’s the latest exchange rates in the bank, a list of events at the local library, or wayfinding signs in the park. All EPD signs are supported by wireless communication protocols. EPD technology is extremely energy efficient and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Integration with other programs such as Microsoft Exchange is possible.

Key Points

  • Sustainable urban development
  • Remotely updateable
  • Indoor and outdoor applications

Interactive Whiteboards and e-writers

Electronic Paper Display (EPD) whiteboards and eWriters replicate the familiar feel of paper and pen. Thanks to real-time content sharing across remote locations, wireless connectivity, and portability, EPD whiteboards improve collaboration efficiency within organizations. Set up and operation are simplified. E Ink’s bi-stable displays provide an “always on” appearance.

Key Points

  • Print-like appearance
  • Simplified setting and operation
  • Enterprise collaboration
  • Remote information sharing


Electronic Paper Display (EPD) signs and menu boards deliver a unique aesthetic that cannot be matched by other digital display technologies. Text and picture contents are managed and updated electronically without the need for manual replacement. Low installation and maintenance costs.

Key Points

  • Print-like appearance
  • Non-glare background
  • High contrast
  • Centralized, remote content management

Gas Stations

Electronic Paper Display (EPD) low-power gas signs offer print-like appearance with excellent readability even under direct sunlight conditions, attracting customers from a distance. EPD signs do not emit light, wherever required by local regulations. Simplified price change management, low power consumption, and low-maintenance costs contribute to an overall lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Key Points

  • Excellent daylight readability
  • Does not emit light
  • Remote and centralized price-change management